Towards a History of the History of Science: 50 years since "Structure"

A Workshop at the Max Planck Institute for the History of Science, Berlin

17.10.2012 – 20.10.2012

This workshop brings together a number of highly renowned historians of science whose work has considerably shaped the field in the past 50 years, both intellectually and institutionally, with younger scholars that may shape the discipline in the future -- among those the members of the recently revived chair for the History of Science in Munich, Prof. Dr. Kärin Nickelsen, Dr. des. Fabian Krämer and Dr. Christian Joas, who co-organises the workshop.

Since the publication of Kuhn's "Structure," many different approaches to the historical study of science have emerged, often assuming perspectives building upon Kuhn's work, yet transcending it in important aspects by emphasizing, e.g., the role of experimental and theoretical practices, the materiality of science, or the sociocultural dimensions of science.

The workshop will foster discussion on these and other developments within the field, assuming both a historical perspective on our own discipline's history and a bold glance into the future.

For additional information, please follow the link below or contact Christian Joas.