Vorträge / Talks


  • Paul Karrer and the biologists, Annual Meeting of the Swiss Society for the History of Medicine and Sciences, University of Zurich, November.
  • On the dynamics of interdisciplinary mechanism research, HPS research group meeting, University of Copenhagen, November.
  • Josef Gicklhorn und seine Arbeit in der biologisch-physikalischen Arbeitsgruppe in Prag, Symposium “From the Science of Life to the Life Sciences in Central Europe”, Ignaz-Lieben-Gesellschaft, Vienna, October.
  • Introduction [with Gina Surita, Princeton]; and Biochemistry — characterized by its linking capacities, Symposium [co-organizer] “Neighborhood relations: Revisiting the history of biochemistry and its neighbors in the first half of the twentieth century”, 26th International Congress of History of Science and Technology, Prague, July (online).
  • ‘Your genitals don't lie!’ An escorted encounter with the history and philosophy of phallic and cervical measuring, Co-Organizer, International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology (ISHPSSB) bi-annual meeting, Cold Spring Harbor, July (online).
  • Auf der Suche nach physiologischen Mechanismen Kooperationen zwischen Biologie, Physik und Chemie, 1918 bis1939, 29. Jahrestagung der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Geschichte und Theorie der Biologie, Jena, June (online).


  • Ascidians and Urine. On the Materiality of Mechanism Research. Symposium “Contextualizing mechanism in twentieth century biology: visual and material cultures of description, narrative, and cooperation”, 9th Meeting of the European Society for the History of Science, Bologna (virtual), September.
  • From empty description to insightful interpretation with Selig Hecht. International Workshop “Description as a way of knowing”, Vienna, February.


  • Successful at Second Attempt: Cross-Disciplinary Collaboration on Flower Pigmentation and the Emergence of Chemical Genetics. Panel “Interfield Theories, Methods, Collaborations, and Organization in Heredity: Telling the Stories of Developing New Fields and Consolidating Disciplines in Biology”, The History of Science Society annual meeting, Utrecht, July.
  • Making Theories Work. Panel “Stability and migration of research strategies within and across different levels of scientific organization”, International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology bi-annual meeting, Oslo, July.
  • Continuity, Improvement, and Innovation in Experimental Methodology. Workshop “Again Method!”, Indiana University Europe Gateway, Berlin, March.
  • Beyond disciplinary and political boundaries: uniting epistemic visions in interwar physico-chemical biology, GHI-Colloquium, Washington, January.


  • ‘Reinforcements from unexpected quarters.‘ Zur Integration biologischer und physikalischer Forschungsmethoden im frühen 20. Jh.“ Masterseminar der Professur für Wissenschaftsgeschichte, Universität Regensburg, November.
  • Come Together! Interdisciplinary Research Practice, Mechanisms, and the Nature of Integration. Interdisciplinarity in the Life Sciences and Their Philosophy, European Advanced Seminar in the Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Konrad-Lorenz-Institut, Klosterneuburg, September.
  • Physico-chemical biology, 1918–1938. The Evolution of Knowledge, Seventh International Conference on Integrated History and Philosophy of Science, Hannover, July. [Poster]
  • Interfield integration in practice: Physico-chemical studies of photoreception and plant growth (1920s and 1930s). Society for Philosophy of Science in Practice (SPSP) Seventh Biennial Conference, Gent, July. [Poster]
  • Quantification: the Key to Understanding Physiological Processes, 1920/30s. Conference “Measurement at the Crossroad, History, Philosophy and Sociology of Measurement”, Paris, June.
  • Physico-chemical Biology in Practice, ca. 1920–1940. Cabinet of Natural History, Dept. of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Cambridge, February.


  • What to Ask and How to Answer: Investigating Research Planning in General Physiology. Conference “The Past, Present and Future of Integrated HPS”, Centre for the History and Philosophy of Science, University of Leeds, January.


  • Life Explained: Physico-chemical Approaches and How Biological Expertise Mattered. Conference “New Styles of Thought and Practices in Early 20th Century Biology: Epistemologies and Politics”, 5th RUB-Workshop for History and Philosophy of the Life Sciences, Ruhr Universität Bochum, December.
  • Introduction (with Kärin Nickelsen) and Exact Methods for Messy Physiology and the Irreducibility of Biology. Conference “Many Methods – One Biology?” Center for Advanced Studies; Research Focus Biology of Genomes, Munich October.
  • Biology on the Margins (with Josephine Musil-Gutsch and Cora Stuhrmann), Zweites Offenes Forum Geschichte der Lebenswissenschaften, Institut für Medizingeschichte und Wissenschaftsforschung, Lübeck, September.
  • ‚Astronomie des dames?‘ Die Naturforschung Maria Margaretha Kirchs und ihrer Töchter“, Forschungskolloquium des Deutschen Museums, Munich, February.


  • How Mechanisms Explain Interfield Cooperation. Conference “Perspectives for the History of the Life Sciences”, Munich, November.
  • Interfield Research on Plant Growth Hormones. Panel “Biochemistry Between Disciplines”, The International Society for the History, Philosophy, and Social Studies of Biology bi-annual meeting, Montréal, July.
  • Interdisciplinary Research on Plant Growth Hormones. Conference “Investigating Interdisciplinary Practice: Methodological Challenges”, Centre of Excellence in the Philosophy of the Social Sciences, Helsinki, June.